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Having To Move

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by Mary Courtney, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Mary Courtney

    Mary Courtney In the Brooder

    Mar 25, 2013
    My husband found out that he has a new job. That means we will have to move, and in so doing, will have to sell all our livestock. It's a bittersweet situation.....blessings and curses.

    So I have spent the last week posting ads for our beloved birds and selling them to the best homes I can find. It's a monumental task. We started with the following:

    Easter Eggers
    Olive Eggers
    Black Copper Marans
    Blue Copper Marans
    Silver Laced Wyandottes
    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
    Lavender Orpingtons
    Lavender Splash Orpingtons
    Black Orpingtons
    Indian Runner Ducks
    Pekin Ducks
    Sebastapol Geese

    and a gorgeous Great Pyranese guardian dog.

    In addition, I had incubators, brooders and numerous coops, as well as the feeders and waterers that are required to support large flocks.

    Much is sold. For that I am grateful. But I look around me and wonder how I'll ever get everything in order to list the house to sell. It's not everyone who understands why an entire side yard is a mud pit, and these endless Illinois winters make it impossible to work on the yard yet. I'm plugging away at what I know needs to be done, but I feel overwhelmed at times, and must keep my eye on the prize of being moved and settled in a new home.
  2. Ol Grey Mare

    Ol Grey Mare One egg shy of a full carton. ..... Premium Member

    Mar 9, 2014
    My Coop
    Take it one day at a time - that is all you can do. So sorry you've had to part with your lovely animals.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2015
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  3. lazy gardener

    lazy gardener Crossing the Road 5 Years

    Nov 7, 2012
    Mary, I'll send a prayer your way: for strength, and a sense of peace as you undertake the tasks ahead. And that you will settle into your new home, and feel at home there quickly. Will you be able to have a flock in your new home?
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  4. Mary Courtney

    Mary Courtney In the Brooder

    Mar 25, 2013
    It makes me so sad to say that my poultry days are through. Arthritis is making it more and more difficult to keep up with the work, and my husband would like to be able to travel. Parting with my animals has been so sad, but I think it will be best for my family if we simplify.
  5. theoldchick

    theoldchick The Chicken Whisperer Premium Member

    May 11, 2010
    Moving does make one realize how much 'stuff' has been collected. I've moved a few times and it sure is daunting when you first start to pack the boxes. Sending you encouraging thoughts.

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