Having trouble posting a new classified ad.


8 Years
Jun 27, 2011
So, I wanted to post a new classified ad to search for a Polish rooster. When I click on the "Create A New Classified" I get an alert that says "You are only allowed to have 1 open classified." so forth and so on..

I click on the link and it takes me to a page that shows me having 0 classifieds.

What might the problem be? Honestly, I really wouldn't even know how to search for old classified ads that I might have posted.
There is evidently a glitch causing things like your second screenshot to occur at times. Sometimes it seems to take a bit of detective work to find an open ad when a member doesn't know about it / remember it. This was easier than some I've found. I don't even know whether it might have something to do with its being a wanted to buy ad.

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