Having trouble with your roo? Why not try a little pink rake?


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Mar 31, 2010
I love this story and I feel like it might help with some people with roo problems.

So I had this REALLY mean roo, right? I had been debating on whether or not I should kill him. Not likeing either of my options, my mom comes up with a solution. Why not carry around a little metal rake to chase the roo away? She came home with a pink kids rake like what you would find at walmart.

After a couple of weeks, it was starting to work a little, but it still wasnt working. i went over to a friends house one night and In the morning I got a text from my mom.

It said: "I think your father might have killed your rooster"

I rush home to find my rooster moaping around in the yard. My dad had smacked my rooster in the head so hard, it broke his beak and knocked him out!!!

We were worried that he was going to die, but suprisingly, he survived. Today he is a happy little boy who is scared to death of my little pink rake that I carry around with me when I go out to the coup.
i love it!
Thanks for the laugh. I'm sorry, a broken beaked rooster isn't a lot to be laughing about, But, I've had a bad week. Having this vision of a roo waddling drunkenly across the yard with little chickies tweeing around his head just about knoked me on the floor. I'm still giggling..
uh... wow.

Yeah, it was an accident. I'm against violence towards animals, but it was in self-defence.
It wasnt abuse. I'm against animal cruelty. The rooster attacked him first and he was useing self-defence. Unfortunatly, it was a little over kill.
I am of the opinion that for behavior modification to work (either positive or negative) it must be remembered by the one whose behavior is to be modified. If you wanted to change the behavior of a child, the method or technique would have to be such that the child REMEMBERED the lesson! If not, it is a wasted lesson. The blow to the bird was accidentally harsh but the bird DID remember the lesson, and now the pink rake brings his behavior to heel. Therefore it is a successful method in that instance. I am not advocating hitting all roos with rakes hard enough to knock them out. Just make whatever lesson you use memorable to the bird and it has a better chance of succeeding.
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