Hawk attack survivor

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    Back in November my mottled Java, Cutlet was attacked by a hawk. I work in a veterinary office so I immediately wanted to do what I could for her, (she acted as though nothing happened and was eating grapes in my bathroom sink) although knowing it didn’t look good. Her entire chest was sliced open with breast exposed and skin was hanging and she had several large punctures on her back. It was a Sunday so I cleaned her up the best I could and super glued her skin on her chest back up so she wouldn’t step on it and made a make shift shirt to keep her from pecking at her wounds. The next day I took her to work with me to see what we could do. The office I work at only handles dogs and cats but the dr I work for has chickens of her own and was willing to try. She even looked at her wounds and said we either needed to do surgery or euthanize her. I figured she has come this far, I might as well try to save her. So, we started doing surgery on her wounds plucking feathers and cleaning wounds. She had stitches put in and a large drain put in her chest. I didn’t think she would make it through surgery, but she did! Now, after a couple months in the house, chicken diapers, sweaters, medicine and dog crates she is a normal chicken and she even grew SPURS! She isn’t messing around if that hawk comes back! Here are some pictures of her when she was recovering in my house and even sharing dog food with some of my dogs :lau 6A8BDF1F-A603-4585-9641-9981F083B6D0.jpeg E06BB0A3-89E0-4883-8756-33A1CDAC48C1.jpeg 1FCB005A-75F3-4600-A0DA-CF30120848AA.jpeg E7D13AF6-ED0A-442E-9A78-93FA17029A19.jpeg
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    Great save - chickens are so resilient :)
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