Hawk Attack!


6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
Buff Orpington b. about March 1st was swooped up by a hawk (kestral?) yesterday evening. I ran and intervened, hawk dropped "Wilbert" (daughter named her, she's 4) about a 4 ft drop. Wilbert limping but no puncture wounds noticed. Cooped up for the night.

This morning THINK we saw her sipping water (now I am not certain it was her :( She is still hobbling- no one has left coop b/c it is raining.

My concern is now that I just checked again and her inner eyelid (like a cat??? I didn't know this feature) is now half way across her eyes. She is still moving around, but I am worried.


It might be in shock...keep it warm...like brooder warm and quiet and dark and just see how it goes.
Go to tractor supply or the co-op and look for a plastic owl. The owls work as a "scare crow" for tge hawks. Hawks are terrified of owls. In reality owls attack hawks. We bought two owls and we havnt had any trouble out of a hawk. They still fly around being nosy but let me tell you when those hawks see the owls it dont take them long to book it! They work. I love my owls.
If a hawk picked up your chicken, there has to be puncture wounds somewhere. Otherwise it wouldnt have been able to lift your bird 4 feet off the ground. I agree with Missnu01 and closely re-inspect your hen head to tail for wounds, however small they might be. If you find any, flush with 50/50 betadine water mixture and pack the wounds with neosporin.
A leg hold trap on top of a post works. By tying some dog hair, or a bundle of feathers together on a short string and letting it dance in the wind on the middle of the trap, will say goodbye Mr. or Mrs, Hawk. I think the best way is covering yards with chicken wire/netting, and making sure there is bush/tree coverage where your chickens range.

I hope your hen recovers. Make sure the bird gets vitamins-electrolytes in the water. If there are punctures, I'd use penicillin for 5 days. 1cc in the breast muscle with injectible, or 2 cc down the throat 2 x a day. If you have caps like Fish-Pen, 250 mg 2x a day for 5 days will prevent infection. I had a rooster survive a bobcat attack by doing that, but used Cephalexin since that is what I had on hand at the time.
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Yesterday was 70 degrees so I left her with her sisters in the coop.
Today she is inside the house in the brooder, with the light on still drinking water, but not doing much else. I looked her over again and can't find any wounds- I am not doubting there are some, but I can't see any tiny holes. She is only 6 weeks old.

Any other help appreciated!

Thank you all!
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