Hawk attack


11 Years
Jan 9, 2013
Suffolk, VA
Today a hawk attacked my 2 month old golden lace. My husband was able to scare the hawk off our chick...she has two puncture wounds, one on each side just under her wings. We cleaned the small wounds with peroxide and neosporin. We have isolated her in a small crate, she is not eating or drinking. Additionally, she tried to walk but her left leg gave out although there isn't visual damage to her leg. Does anyone have any suggestions about how we should move forward with her care or what her prognosis is? We don't have a poultry vet. Thank you in advance
She may be in shock or have possible internal injuries, so rest today is important. The puncture wounds will do better if kept open for 2 days by cleaning with a QTip, and putting Neosporin ointment on twice a day. Puncture wounds commonly abscess from closing up too soon, so keeping them open, then let them heal from the inside out is best. After 2 days, don't use the peroxide any more since it can impede healing. Check the leg, foot, and joints for any swelling or bruising that could be a broken bone. Keep her in a box or crate inside to prevent flies from laying eggs in the wounds. Offer some chickens feed with water added to make a moist cereal, and offer some scrambled egg for extra protein. If she doesn't start drinking by tomorrow night , I would check into crop feeding her. A tube feeding device can be fashioned out of aquarium tubing and a 35 or 60 cc syringe. Here is a link to read about tube or crop feeding: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/805728/go-team-tube-feeding
You're welcome, and I hope she recovers from the attack. I have lost a couple of bantams to hawks, and we have been having them around a lot this summer stalking our young birds.

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