hawks as threats?


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Mar 29, 2011
Southern California
Hi, I have a BO and a Wyandotte. Are they in danger from hawks? I want to expand my run and am trying to factor in all possible predators. I saw a hawk sitting on our fence once, but the girls are so large, I don't know if red tailed hawks would hurt them.
Hawks will attack any size chicken. Even chickens that weigh 8-10 pounds are not safe. What the hawk can't carry off it'll pounce on and tear to pieces faster than you can stop them. It happened to my speckled Sussex two days ago. Stupid hawk couldn't run off with her, so he just jumped on her and ripped her to shreds and left her there to bleed to death. And I couldn't get there in time to stop it.

Protect your birds as best you can; hawks are cruel, calculating opportunists always on the lookout for an easy meal. Don't underestimate them.
Hawks are pretty bad predators, no matter what the size. What they can't carry away they will eat on the ground. I have gone to covered runs with very little free range time due to hawks and foxes in the area.
I lost two chickens last week. I didn't witness it, but I am pretty sure it was a hawk. We have seen one the last couple of days circling low close to our backyard. The two that vanished were a golden laced wyandotte and one of the chicks she was brooding. She left 6 chicks without a mom. Sad. This being said, I dont' know if I agree htat hawks are cruel predators. They are just doing what is genetically wired in them. Not trying to pick a fight axion_lotus. Just my opinion. My question is, how can you protect chickens from hawks short of keeping them "cooped up all day"?
If a bald eagle can take down a blacktail deer (seen it!) and a raven can kill a goose (just this spring) then a red tail can get a chicken. Look into deer fence or some call it fruit tree netting to cover your run or you might get away with a brush pile or low sun shade for cover

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