hawks everywhere!


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
we have real open field here, and always saw hawks. i used to wait to let me chickens out until 3pm or after, seemed to be when the hawks went home for the night. the past week or two its been ridiculous, they are everywhere! so many of them! is there a reason they would suddenly be around so much? even until dusk.. my chickens arent that new here, been here for a year now so its not like they just realized i had them. im affraid to free range now! i know theres always risk but i feel like im asking for it. is there any way to make them go away? i know how people put a owl statue to keep barn birds away, anything to do for hawks?
I have found that the hawks are more numerous and hungrier in the spring when they are laying eggs etc.
I lost one a week or so ago to a hawk and my girls are now penned in. No free ranging except the last hour or light with me there
and I'll build them a bigger covered playpen as the weekends go by.
I expect to not have this trouble for most of the year starting sometime this summer
every spring, too many hawks around my chickens
good luck with yours


o boy, well i guess i will keep them in. they are out now but after today no more til i notice less hawks. that pic is of one spot, there was another with just as many. they are big but more wing span than body, so they will still grab the chickens tho?
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you sure those are hawks and not buzzards. there are a few illegal ways to deal with hawks...... but if you get caught hope you have deep pockets.... or are friends with the judge.
Looks like buzzards to me. I am seeing a lot of buzzards around the farm now. Hawk Mountain is just south of my house. You can see our fields from the North Look Out. The last week or so I have been seeing the buzzards around so I think they are starting to migrate.
I gotta say that those look like buzzards to me as well. You might want to get some binoculars to get a better look. May not have anything to worry about at all.
Where do you live? They look like the "hawks" in my area. I thought they were black vultures for a long time but the heads are different. Doesn't matter what they are, they have taken my chickens. I even had to save a small dog from them.
Looks like buzzards! I have never seen that many hawks togather. Not saying it couldn't happen but it looks like buzzards to me by the color and the shape of their wings in flight.

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