Hay Straws in 107 degrees Fahrenheit


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8 Years
May 15, 2011
Hi Guys,

It's 107 degrees Fahrenheit in my country in day and I'm using hay straws for their bedding ... Is it OK for them or it's hot for them?

In nights temperature reduced to 97 degrees Fahrenheit .... So they are living between 97 - 107 degrees Fahrenheit ...

So i shouldn't be worry right?
I guess I wouldn't worry so much about the bedding as the very high temps. Chickens do best at about 75 degrees and can die if it is over 95. Can you do something to get the temperature down? Cold drinking water, a little pool for them, lots of shade, a fan or mister? You can put a frozen water bottle in their waterer to keep it cooler for a little while. If those temps are common in your country and there are lots of chickens kept outside, I wouldn't worry as much.

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