he addopted us


8 Years
Nov 11, 2012
i love our sky he basically adopted us we moved in back in febuary shortly after 2 peacocks showed up and hung around now one was injured and dissapeared the other stayed we named him sky and he has been a loyal friend ever since just chilling with the chickens lol
Sky's a pretty boy! (I hope you tried to find his owners?)

(the peafowl department, anyways...)

Your boy will probably be a bit lonely...have you thought about finding him a girlfriend?
yea i have been lookng for a hen theres a flock of wild hens down the road i am surprised he doesnt run away i think he probully came from that flock maybe chased out by a dominate male. its cute how he dances for the chickens but like i said i have been looking for a peahen he is still a sweet heart he even comes in the house and lets the kids pet him( while he is inside) and ate from our hands he was not like that in the beginning but he slowly warmed up to us over time

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