I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Well I have 2 young drakes, and an 8 y/o drake, as well as 4 adult girls, 4 teenage girls and four teenage boys.

The two young drakes are such... ANIMALS! I mean they are in with three of my girls all day, but when i let everyone out to free range they both go straight for my buff ( who I keep with my old man and her ducklings)

They grip her wings and drag her down! Then just yesterday I was out and I was looking for good feathers ( i collect) and i found a flight fether from one of my babies - it had been RIPPED OUT so that the quill was in half. The feather still had a blue quill - fulll of blood vessels. It makes me SO MAD!

I just sat there and cried, why do these two boys have to be so MEAN!

Any one want two drakes? a Mallard and a Buffx Mallard. Im sure if there was something big ( goose, swan, dog) to chase them and keep them in shape they wouldnt be so bad.
I would put their butts in quarantine or not let them out when the old man and his family are out....last option is a roasting pan.

Poor little thing having his.her feather pulled out like that.
Clearly there is some kind of competition going on. You simply have to deal with it, by making some changes. Maybe not the ones you want but changes just the same.
Ive tried locking them up, or placing them in a small pen alone or with their girls while the others are out. But it makes no difference. I dont want to eat them myself. So if someone on here or craigslist doesnt want them I am selling them at the next Santuck.

Of course Im getting another drake though
A nice one.

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