Head Lice in Our Area! YUCK!

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  1. Usually there is a minor outbreak of lice at the local school, but from the notices they've been sending me, it sounds like this year's outbreak is major. They actually sent a notice asking for volunteers to do lice checks with a county nurse.[​IMG] According to another notice, this year over the counter remedies do not work.[​IMG] I was in the school the other day and saw that they had kids put their coats in plastic bags on their hooks, so lice wouldn't spread.[​IMG] I am in the school a lot, and come into contact with a lot of kids, so any tips on staying safe?
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    Tea tree oil is supposed to repel head lice as they don't like the smell of it. As well as washing your hair with a tea tree oil shampoo you could rinse it in a weakish solution of tea tree oil. Also, comb your hair thoroughly after visiting the school, over a white cloth so you can see anything that falls out. There are many brands and formulas of head lice treatment and ideally the area should be rotating them so that the lice do not become immune. Here in UK the local health authority advise chemists which type they should be selling. A fine toothed comb is your best weapon but you can buy head lice zappers which supposedly kill them with an electrical current. My daughter tried this on her children but it did not seem very effective. Maybe it is worth a try though?
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    Forget the over the counter medications. Use Denorex, or any other dandruf shampoo with the ingredient Salicylic (Sp?) Acid. Use 1X a week while there is an outbreak around, and if you or the kids actually get the head lice, a couple of times a week.
  4. I wonder if having my hair up in a bun would help--less hair swinging around free, and coming into contact with stuff.
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    We put tea tree oil in our shampoo, conditioner AND a leave in conditioner spray. The kids did not go around any kids in the public or private schools without the leave in spray. EVER. Also if you do get them its not the end of the world. Olive oil and tea tree oil are you friends. My brother has foster kids and one had to go back home for a visit and came back with buggies. My son of course has to wrestle with him as soon as he walked in the door and ended up lice. Horrible ucky ucky ucky [​IMG] Since I am a bit freakish about buggies it got caught pretty early on. The key really is check check and check some more. The clothing went in garbage bags with DE powder liberally in there. Shake the baggies a couple times as i happen to walk by them and they sat outside until I felt better. Then they got washed in hot water.

    The kids had not one buggie after the first treatment. olive oil mixed with tea tree oil. I washed their hair with heavy tea tree oil treated shampoo, then used the lice comb then tea tree oil/olive oil mix was put liberally on each head with a shower cap. 12 hours later I wash them again.. yes I am freakish about bugs but seriously i cannot handle it.

    The car also got treated with DE. Its a bit much to vacuum it all up but I am good with that. I also made up a spritzer with water and tea tree oil to spray all over. The OTC treatment stuff does nothing. People have it for months and months for no good reason. The more freakishly vigilant you are the better your chances of avoiding this. I even spray tea tree oil on their little hats and scarves and such. You know the kids toss them into a pile with the other. even not sharing they still bring them home. gross. Anywho yea lots of tea tree oil. I will also say that I would have no issues treating myself with DE either.
  6. Unfortunately, we don't have tea tree oil on hand, and since our birds never got lice, no DE either. I think the mayonnaise trick only works if you actually have a case. Would plain olive oil work? I'm going to see if we have any of that dandruff shampoo with Salyic acid.
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    The oil thing works if you follow the schedule of covering the hair.The tea tree at Walmart is $7 right now.I have something called paranit.It is herbal to prevent or treat.Don't think you can get it in the US.LOL,I sprayed everything even the car seats and pillows.Spray was the Walmart equate.
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    If you have boys cut their hair short like 1/4 inch.
  9. I'm worried about bus seats--they seem like a prime infection area. If an Infected kid's head rubs against the seat, Then another kid that sits down there might get infected.
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    best thing to do is check your kids before they come home until the threat is over.

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