Head Shaking in my Female Call Duck

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Last evening, when I went out to do evening chores and put everyone in for the night - I found one of my Female Calls with streaks of blood on her head. I picked her up and checked her out no injury was/is visible. She was standing outside the duck house by herself all the other ducks had gone into their house for the night. When I picked her back up and put her inside - a drake immediately started chasing her.

    I think they knew she wasn't feeling right and no one wants to be near a sick flock member - it makes you - a sitting duck - excuse the pun.

    I seperated her out for the night. At times her mouth is opening and closing and she is - gasping although her lungs sound good. I gave her an injection of Baytril in her breast. There are no signs of yeast in her mouth or down her throat. She is shaking her head and the blood streaks on her head are from the head shaking - it is a light red bloody mucus. She is eating and drinking well. Her droppings are normal. She is swimming in my bathtub as I type this - I wanted to watch her so I could get a good gage on how bad she is feeling. She is being pretty active although she is not diving under the water...just drinking and swimming peacefully with an occassional snortty sound coming from her.

    Initially, when I put her in the tub...and she started swimming and drinking - light bloody water was coming through her nares. That has stopped - I tried cleaning them with cotton balls when I first brought her into the house. I think the swimming in the tub really helped clean them out. They did not look very clogged but may have been deeper inside.

    I have a large rubber swimming container that is dug into the ground that is changed once a day. They also have a large horse pan with a ramp up to it that is filled with water that they also swim in within their pen. There is a section of grass within the pen that they have access to along with oyster shells and flock raiser.

    I plan to take her in to my vet on Tuesday morning before work if she isn't showing improvement by then - hopefully she will improve.
    They have been breeding and of all the girls, she looks the most ragged. None of the other birds are showing any smptoms at all.

    Any thoughts anyone? I've had ducks for 4 years and this is the first time I've had a sick one. I hope I caught whatever "it" is in time.

    Any help or advise would be appreciated.

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