Heading into Fall... The coop


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Jul 10, 2013
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Ok guys since I'm new to chickens how warm does my coop need to be at night. I'm in Oregon so it gets into the high fifties low sixties during the fall. My coop has side flaps on it that I've kept open to circulate air during the summer. What do you guys think!?
We have harsh winters in Chicago so this year my new coop will be closed off on the back side and the other 3 sides will have plexi glass covering them except for the top 3 inches, I will leave that open for ventilation. Last year a few of my hens got a little frostbite on their combs. As long as they have shelter they will cuddle up together to stay warm, but make sure they are also getting the ventilation they need.
when you close the flaps in colder weather be sure you still have ventilation in the coop otherwise all the heat chickens generate will cause condensation & frostbite.
Howdy, auxranch, and
! Pleased you joined us! Few words bring a smile to my face faster than "heading into fall." My favorite time of year!! X2 on drumstick's and sourland's advice. Good luck to you!

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