healthy chickens and eggs...and us!


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The good thing is that our eggs do not even have to be technically organic to be better for us, just from free ranged birds who have access to bugs, greens, etc, or from birds who are given greens, flax seed, etc, to supplement their normal laying feed.


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Last week I watched the Dr. Oz show and he had a show all about how poultry is mass produced to make it cheap and plentiful. It was a great show, but he didn't really go into much detail or pics showing the chicken houses and he didn't mention eggs, just meat. He was pushing the public to demand ORGANIC. I have a pen full of cull roos, so happy to have them going into the freezer, but it is just so easy to pick up a package of boneless breast for supper. I love the backyard chicken movement, but still most of my co-workers have never even thought once where their food is much more education is needed for those friends. They get that glazed look though..................every time I start.

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