Healthy chooks getting sick and dying in a matter of hours. Can't figuere it out.

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    Mar 29, 2015
    My girl was looking healthy and lively as always before going to sleep. I woke up yesterday and saw her head tucked in, tail down and lethargic. I thought she was egg bound as it has happened to her 2 times before so I started massaging her belly and it all felt normal I couldn't fill any swelling or hardness. Some white and yellow runny manure came out so I thought an egg was broken inside her and it needed to come out. I kept massaging her and put her down and an egg came out, a perfect egg to my surprise. She didn't get any better and was drinking a lot of water and getting more and more lethargic occasionally excreting small quantities of that egg like white and yellow manure. This started at 9am and by 3pm she was gone. This happened out of the blue and she hasn't been showing any signs of being unwell. About 4 weeks ago something similar happened to one of my other girls. She was a bit slow late in the afternoon but climbed to her coop and came down in the morning where I found her dead the next day. I didn't see any abnormality in her manure or anything just that she wasn't herself when I saw her in the afternoon but she was fine in the morning before I left. I don't know what is happening to my girls as they look very healthy, have a good diet, have been laying regularly, red beautiful crests, shiny feathers, clean fluffy butts and about 15 months old. They live in my Permaculture designed garden where they have access to a diversity of healthy plants like nasturtiums, comfry, borage, wormwood amongst others, we put garlic in their water, alternated with wormwood and apple cider vinegar, they free range around the garden. We wash the eggshells which are fed back to them for calcium.Any ideas on what this could be?
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    Welcome to BYC. I would recommend getting a sample of droppings tested for coccidia, worms, and bacteria by your local vet. Egg like material being passed can be a sign of internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis. If you have another bird who dies, I would send the refrigerated body off to the state vet or local agricultural agent for a necropsy.

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