heart attack


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8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
aaaaaahhh i just had a heart attack the power went off with my 23 poor quail in the bator
but lookily the power came back on after a bit so
they will hatch. only on day eight and really desperate for the
hope they are all ok.
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Glad your power outage was short. I had a terrible time hatching my first batch of eggs I gave $60.00 for back in the spring. Everything went wrong that could have on top of having a terrible incubator. Anyway, the power goes out one day and I do not have a generator, so I take the incubator to my dad's house since he does have one. I get everything hooked up and going, and the cord got caught on my shoe as I walked away and pulled the incubator off the table onto the floor. Broke about half of the eggs, and in the end none of them hatched. I built two homemade incubators since then, but haven't really had the heart to try hatching anything else yet.

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