Heartbroken Duck


6 Years
Sep 26, 2013
Please advise me. We had four ducks. Two of them are 2 year old males. Two of them are one year old male/female. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago the female died and her male mate is devastated. He cries all the time and the two older males will not befriend him. They are actually quit mean to him. I thought about buying another duck and hoping it would befriend my lone male, but my husband thinks the two older ducks will eventually befriend him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My heart is absolutely breaking right now for our sad, heartbroken duck. Thank you
Sorry for your loss :( I'd advise either getting 3 or more new females, never have more drakes than ducks, as often it ends up being very cruel on the poor females from being over mated.
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