Heartbroken need advice, please!(long post,sorry)


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Sep 23, 2007
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A little background...I have had chickens for a couple years so I am still very new. I have always wanted Guineas and bought some babies a couple months ago. Started with 28 and then down to 14 (compliments of the neighbor's dog). I went to an auction over the weekend and bought 2 young adult guineas.
I followed what everyone told me to do...kept them penned up for several days, turned the first one out for a day and a night and then turned out the other the next afternoon. They did great went out to the pasture, wandered around and came home to roost on our chicken pen for the night.
Yesterday, same thing they spent the morning wandering around the pasture and came to the front yard when I was throwing scratch. I was in heaven!
A couple hours later I noticed I hadn't heard them for a while, so I set out looking for them. No luck! I make my way down to the main road to get the mail and there they were in my neighbors pen!
I ran into he son at the mailbox and trying to be diplomatic (even though they have been a constant problem with everyone!), I calmly said, "I noticed my Guineas in your pen. If you will just run them out they will come home." To which he replied, "Well we thought they were strays." I said, "No they are mine I bought them and I apologize for any inconvenience they have caused, just run them out and they will come home." He then informed me "well I don't think I can do that. My mom has always wanted that kind of bird, so I think we are going to keep them."
Needless to say I about fell over!!!! I told him that I could show them the receipt and if they wanted birds like that they needed to buy their own and that if they didn't let them out, I would call the sherriff's department. I thought this might work since on any given day she has warrants for her arrest for hot checks and I do mean thousands of dollars!
I came home and called and spoke with one of the Capts. to clarify my rights and responsibilities. He told me that it is "larceny of a domestic animal" and that he was going to send a deputy out to take a report and go tell them to release the birds and if they refuse they would be charged.
Well the deputy came out and did nothing!!!!!!!! He went and talked to them and then came back and talked to me and told me since there is no top on the pen, when they want to come home they can fly out. I explained that I have not seen these guineas fly that high, that they are young. He said "well they got in there somehow". I told him that my other neighbor had called and told me she saw them open the gate and run the guineas into the pen, he would not even go talk to the other neighbor that witnessed this, he just left!
I cried all night!!!!!!!! Does anyone know any way to bribe the guineas home? This morning when I went out to feed, I can hear them calling and they are running up and down the fence, frantically. I started crying all over again!

Please don't suggest that I go down there because that is not an option. She once came after my husband with a steel pipe because I shot one of their dogs for coming onto my property and killing one rooster and 6 hens!

Please someone help I have been crying all night and all morning.

Sorry so long.


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I had ducklings stolen once and saw the people taking them...needless to say the police were called out and went to the home 2 miles away and brought my ducklings back
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I would call and talk to a supervisor. If you call and have them send someone out, you'll probably get the same officer. Officers will do pretty much what they want with the situation.


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Take an army of people with you if you must in order to feel safe and go take your birds back. These people are lower life forms. If you feel more comfortable, call the police and tell them you are going to do this and you'd prefer they accompany you and your receipt to this house but if they refuse, you and your 10 closest friends are on your way to get your birds back. You can say you believe your birds are in danger, not being well cared for or fed properly and not another day can go by without their rescue. And that if anybody stops you, the Humane Society and the newspapers are being called next. This is nuts and I'm not in the mood for nuts. So I hope this pep talk helped!~!!! Rooting for you!!!

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Go back to the police. Ask for someone different show your reciept (which BTW, if you have the means make a copy of to cover yourself in case). If you can get the neighbor, who saw them open the door, put something in writing (make a copy of this too) if they won't be around so you have that too.

Good luck!


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That is absolutely asinine to allow them to keep those birds. If you do get them back, however, you must keep them penned for four to six WEEKS, at least. Someone misinformed you about how long to keep them up before releasing them, sadly.


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Sep 23, 2007
East of Lexington, Oklahoma
Thanks to all for the advice.

Unfortunately around here the sherriff's dept. is on the "good old boys" system and they cover each other no matter what. They already think that I am crazy because I called in over Guineas. They just don't get it.

My DH was so mad he said he would rather go down and shoot the guineas then let them have them. But I told him no!!!!!!! Please don't think he would really do that. He was just that mad that they upset me so badly.

I think I am backed into a corner and just have to hope that they will learn how to fly over the fence soon. Before they think that is their home.

Does anyone think it would do any good to get another adult Guinea and pen it up, so it will call to them? Just a thought.

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