Heat & Elderly Chickens?


7 Years
Jan 9, 2014
West Michigan
I think yesterday's heat wave might've gotten to my six-year old chicken. Last night, she was panting and wouldn't sit down on the roost (she'd stand and just tuck her tail down). She's had watery poops with a little solid all day / night and today she is not her normal self. Kinda lethargic and quiet, but still eating scrambled eggs and black seed though. She laid an egg yesterday, her vent looks fine, her comb is perfectly colored, and I checked under her wings for mites. She tried jumping directly to the roost last night and missed, but when I touch her, she doesn't wince or act hurt. Could this be from the heat? Can she recover? Its cooler today, so I'm just letting her sit under her favorite shade tree and checking on her every few hours. I gave her the option of water with electrolytes, but she hasn't touched it yet.
Panting and wings held away from the body is a sign they are hot. Watery poops can be from drinking more water or from more liquid in the diet. I would not be feeding what I assume is black oil sunflower seeds in warmer weather as it can make them internally fat. That can cause problems all around. They are very fatty.

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