Heat Exhaustion in Texas


11 Years
Jan 29, 2012
Texas has been in the 105 to 108 range. My little bantam rooster was acting just fine during the day and when we went to tuck them in for the night my husband found him on the ground with ants on him. We brought him in and have been nursing him back to health. We have been giving him water with the electrolytes in them several times a day. Today we added a little greek yogurt with mashed banana in it. Still we are hand feeding him. He only had about a teaspoon of it. He is acting better but he can't hold up his head. It is twisted totally backwards. Is that just a sick chicken thing? I have seen it before with some of the other hens.

Also he won't open his eyes. The ants made wounds close to the eye lids. We took water and cleaned them with a q-tip. Then he was able to open one eye. We were afraid they were healing shut.

Can we do anything else to help him recover? Everyday I wake up thinking he won't have survived the night, but he has proved me wrong. He is a real fighter.

Cyndi Smith
I think he should stay inside until he's all healed and when the ant bites are no longer swollen. Provide misters for your chickens during the hottest times of the day.

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