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Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and I was just looking for some helpful advice on my first brooder setup. Thankfully we still have another week or so before the ducklings I ordered arrive.

So far, I've purchased a 35~ in container (hopefully I'm looking at the right measurements) and I believe this should be fine for a least the few weeks for the 4 ducklings coming in. My concern however is with the heat lamp which I'm having trouble clamp to anything besides the side of the wall.

Now with the height that it's at, is that safe to start? Or is it too close to the ducklings? And if the height is fine what watt bulb should I use? (The brooder will be indoors)

I tested with a 125W and I was getting temps in the 100s. I am currently testing with a 60W incandescent bulb (is that safe for a heat lamp?) and we will see where that gets us.

ALL IN ALL, is the heat lamp at a safe height? And if not, what are some creative ways to raise it?

Please help, thanks!

(I've included an image of the brooder right now, minus bedding etc)
Update: It seems that the bulb cannot fix the problem as the 60W had recorded over 100 as well. I think the height is the big factor here, so any advice on how to elevate the clamp?
Try a 40 watt. You really should attach the light so you have infinite(well almost) adjustment and absolute security, heat lamps can cause fires, even with a low wattage incandescent bulb.

You might want a cover on that brooder, hardware cloth framed with wood that fits the top. I've seen a lot of folks set the lamp shade (with the guard wires removed) right on the hardware cloth.

You might want to check out the raising chicks forum or the duck forum.

Or do a search...... advanced search>titles only> duck brooder
Thanks for the advice!

I think I'm going to try nailing a hook into the wall and having the ability to hang the heat lamp from different heights as I need to change the temperatures. I'll look into getting a cover, I believe the container is too low to use a hardware cloth and put the lamp on it facing down as the temperatures recorded were so high, but with drafts and the such that should be helpful
Another way to cover the heat lamp is to cut a square of hardware wire the same size as the reflector, and then fold the 4 corners up to hook onto the lip of the reflector. This keeps the hardware wire on the lamp securely, and still allows easy removal if the bulb burns out and needs to be replaced. I use ceramic heat emitter bulbs. They provide heat and no light, letting everyone get a good night's sleep each night.
It makes it so nothing can touch the bulb itself. So if a chicken jumped up, it would hit the hardware wire guard, and not the bulb. If you simply use the 4 leg guard that comes with the light, a bird could easily get their head or other part into the fixture and hit the bulb and burn themselves. A light bulb can be between 300-400 degrees, so the concern for burns is real. It does not change the heat being given off by the ceramic bulb.
Hmm never really thought of the ducks jumping but that's definitely possible! Geez haha here I thought I was really prepared, I'm looking to hang the heat lamp and that will probably keep it out of reach for the ducks

Do you think if the house (with like a thermostat) was pretty hot itself I would need the same heat from the heat lamp? Or that'd be too much?

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