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    Newbie to BYC and i have some questions in regards to the heat lamp.

    I am starting very small with my chicken crew....only getting 3 (for now...wink, wink).
    I've seen a few different kinds of bulbs.....infrared and regular bulbs. Which is better? I hear the red ones are more calming to the birds. Is this true?

    I'm also very concerned about leaving these heat lamps on 24/7. I work during the day and I'm worried about leaving the lamp on while I'm not home. Has anyone had an issue with this? I'm so scared it will start a fire. Maybe I''ll have to bring the chicks to work with me :)

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    More information needed.
    What's your climate/location/temperature?
    How old are the birds?
    Size of brooder area in sq./ft. of floor space if speaking of young chicks?

    If chicks, they'll need some source of heat 24/7 so regardless of your concerns, it is necessary.

    Red is not calming, blue is. Red does, however, prevent picking.
    People do it all the time, but a light of any color shouldn't be on them 24/7. All earthbound animals need a dark period.
    I prefer an non light heat source so the light period can be natural or controlled with other light.
    I use ceramic heat emitters.
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    I am a fan of Infra-red bulbs. Red light definitely keeps poultry calm. But the infra-red, not to be confused with a regular red bulb, has healing qualities to it. It is a very penetrating light wave and improves circulation and appetites. It also allows for a natural sleep pattern at night as it does not disturb them as white light does. White light does not penetrate. It stays on the surface of everything, skin included.

    As far as leaving it on all the time. Yes the babies need constant heat for 6 weeks. It needs to be lowered by 5 degrees each week for 6 weeks. Starting temp at 95 degrees, with thermometer placed on the floor directly beneath the lamp.

    If you use a brand new bulb, and a proper rated socket in the lamp dome for the size of the bulb,(the wattage) you won't have a fire. If you are using a 250 watt bulb, make sure to use a lamp with a ceramic socket in it to handle the heat. If you use plastic, they can over heat and that will cause a fire. Don't use any lamps with chewed or frayed cords. And ALWAYS make your attachment of the lamp is a permenant one. Don't rely on the clamp only. Use bolts, hard wire it on, or screw it on. But make sure it can not fall into the brooder or onto the floor.
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