Heat lamp -yay or nay


Apr 28, 2019
Hi everyone - I get it, you're rolling your eyes and smacking your foreheads, but don't shoot me just yet lol So.. you'd never believe the changes I've made - or you might cause.. flocks of a feather Anyhow - there's now 10 ladies and a bigger coop.. twice- cause you know, the first two builds needed an addition in my eyes -(it'll pair as my she shed Sorry- anyhow - we got a heat lamp and it looks like a haunted house - now I'm all for keeping them comfy, obviously - but is it really necessary? I don't think I'll sleep much this winter cause I'm petrified of fire - cause - well - been there done that - Thanks for your input!
I wouldn’t use a heat lamp, they need ventilation more than heat. Make sure there aren’t any drafts, though, especially on their roosts. Remember, they are wearing down jackets, they will be fine in the cold. Like @blackdog043 said, you will need a heated waterer unless you want to change their water several times a day. I have always used a heated dog bowl, https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/farm-innovators-round-heated-pet-bowl-6-qt?cm_vc=-10005
but this year I think I’m going to switch to a new one. Either DIY or one of these



Looking at the reviews, I’m thinking I’ll get the K-H. I still need to do some research.
It can cause quite the debate if they need heat or not. I am in central Texas so we really don't get very cold. But some people think they need it. And heat lamps can be dangerous if you are not carful.

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