heat lamps...when to stop using them.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chzheadgrl, May 18, 2010.

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    May 10, 2010
    I am sure this question has been asked many times, so I apologize for repeating it. When can my rooster stop using the heat lamp? It looks like he's completely feathered and he can "jump/fly" out of his enclosed area when the top is off. My concern is that we've had some cold and rainy days and nights lately (in the 50's). I don't want him to be cold, but I also don't want him to be too hot! We are almost done making his house and pen so can I at least leave him out during the daytime?
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    Jun 23, 2009
    we shut off ours when they feathered out. but we had a bunch so they huddled together if they got chilly if you only have one maybe keep it on a bit longer
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    I began with shutting the heat lamp off in the day time, turning it on at night. I think I shut it off completely by the end of week five.
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    I find it best to keep the heat lamp on one end of the brooder container so the chicks can decide for themselves when/if they need the extra heat. I turn it off completely when I notice that they seldom stay at the heated end of the brooder. During the day chicks like to move in & out of the warmth, getting toasty and then venturing out to explore, over & over again. They do this with a Mama hen too, she's like a portable brooder for them. Tonight take a look to see where your cockerel settles down to sleep. If it's not anywhere near the light, then you can turn it off.

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    I was just wondering the same thing. I can't remember how old my chicks are, but they've been totally feathered out for weeks now, so it seems like, with the weather getting a lot warmer here in Seattle, it might be getting close to time to shutting it off.

    I've been moving the heat lamp about 5 inches higher each Sunday, so that they're slowly getting weaned off of it. Just waiting for the chance to put them outside in their coop so I can clean out the garage where they've been staying. Incredible how much "chicken dust" five little ones produce!

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