Heat Stress and ants in Arizona


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May 6, 2020
Trying to protect my 4 month old babies From the 115 degree heat.
I have set up their 6' x12' run under a shade tree, covered with breathable shade cloth, a fan near their perch, and a misting system too keep it cool.
This worked well until the ants moved in (all of 24 hours) Black ants in Phoenix are close to fire ants in the pain of their bite.
Now the girls are staying and their coop, and panting. I'm not sure if it's the moisture or the ants or both.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 🙏🙏


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I put up a large dog kennel/ crate and run/playpen area under my back patio with a couple of box style window unit air conditioners. Its easy to unplug them & lift them out of the way to clean the pens and to spray off or sweep the concrete. I change their Cedar bedding each week. A misting system is an option as well. Now that they're bigger, I was able to move the pen under the mulberry tree but the oversized crate for bedtime is still being used and the air conditioners are rarely off. Lol

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