heat stroke question


Warrior Princess
11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
It was almost 100 here today and I think one of my hens may have heat stroke.she is laying under the water bucket( mine hang) and was pretty much lifeless.she has no apparent injures and there was plenty of water.everyone else is hot but ok.I sprayed her down with the hose.she can walk,but it seemed hard so I left her alone hoping not to stress her more.her mother died year before last in a stretch of 3 days of 107 degree heat.the birds are out of the sun in coops off the ground.can heat stroke be hereditary?
I don't think heat stroke can be inherited, but some birds can take heat better than others. you did right by cooling her off, Make sure she can get to cool water so she won't dehydrate. the others too. Looks like it's going to be a long hot summer.
Every summer one or two of mine do this to themselves - they might just spend a bit too long in the sun looking for bugs.

I have a shallow two/three inch cake type pan, and fill it with cool water. Then I lay the bird in the water - supporting the head if needed. Helps cool their bodies down. Some will lay there for 10 minutes, some for 25.

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