Heat tunnel


6 Years
May 18, 2013
Denton, texas
I know a lot of you use the momma heating pad. I saw these and was wondering if anyone has used these? If so which one in your opinion is better? 20180302_141016.png 20180302_140900.png 20180302_140830.png
I use them (among other things) and like them very much. The legs on mine (from Premier) are a little bit more delicate than I'd like, and I cracked one. I can't find a replacement but DH says he will make me one someday. I do not use the special cap to keep the chicks off the top, but I do sometimes cover it with self stick plastic wrap. The babies LIKE to sit on the top as well as to go underneath. I use them inside and outdoors. One advantage is that they do not draw a great deal of power compared to brooder bulbs or a large size heating pad. Since the model I use has four independently adjustable legs, I usually set it up on an angle with the back portion lower, thus warmer, than the front. The chicks arrange themselves in its warmth according to their need.

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