Heating plate/brooder temp in summer

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by carrierebecca1, Aug 29, 2018.

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    This is our first experience using a heating plate in our brooder; we have previously used the old school heat lamp. My question is this - as you can't measure the ambient temp in the brooder, how do you know if the height is right on the heating plate? Should I try to put a thermometer under the plate?
    We have 4 chicks who are 9 days old. We received them when they were a day old. My chicks went under the plate the first couple days and seemed to like it, but I haven't seen them under it since. It's been around 95 with a heat index of 100 and our garage is fairly toasty.
    The chicks are quiet (no distress chirps), are eating and drinking well and are active and seemingly healthy.
    But I did come home to a dead chick two nights ago. There were no signs of injury, pasty butt, etc., and I know that can happen, but I guess I'm just being a worried mamma hen at this point. Any advice is appreciated.
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    I remove any heat source by day 7 with temperatures considerably lower than those you mention. I still leave the plate in the brooder, but it’s not connected to the power.
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    The height is right if the chicks can press themselves against it without much effort. Since you said they were using it the first few days, and it's 95+ degrees now, they simply don't need it and won't use it. You can leave it in there for nights if temperatures dip, but I wouldn't expect them to be using it at this point as long as days remain hot.
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    Thank you!

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