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Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I use Bing as both my homepage and my favorite search engine.
Last night I was searching for a rooster tether, but couldn't immediately bring the word tether to mind, so I searched for a rooster leash instead.
I didn't find what I was looking for. What I did find was every kind of rooster decoration you could ever think of for a kitchen, right down to the chandelier:


DH says if I start going overboard with the chicken decorations in the kitchen (I already have a few), he'll start decorating the living room in Harley Davidson stuff. I think that's fair.
Hey Gritty,

Didn't know you had chicken stuff in your kitchen. Holding out on us I see.

I found a chicken hot pad last week. I don't have any idea were it came from. Probably a Christmas gift from a neighbor. Not really to my taste. So I through it in with the rest of my hot pads to use until dirty and toss. Then later thought that someone from BYC might like it. Just waiting for the right time to post. So Gritty I'll give you the right of first refusal. If you want it it's yours. If not it goes to the first person who wants it. I can get it into the mail today or tomorrow.


The chicken head stands up from the hot pad. Not very clear in the pix.

Hello Imp,

I love it! (I dont have any birds yet, but I have a dream.)
If gritstar doesnt want it, I would love it.
It is fantastic, and as a bonus it will annoy my teenage daughter a little bit.

I remember many years ago a woman sold her collection of fridge magnets to the Smithsonian for a million dollars. She had so many that she had metal walls installed in her house to show them. Individually they were worth nothing, but all together they made her rich.

Here's what I was hanging when I found the hot pad on top of the fridge. I limit myself to one wall.


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