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    Anybody got some awesome ideas and or plans for a very temporary shelter for about 30 young chickens. We have to bring home the chicks by the end of May but wont have the chicken house built in time. I can keep the day olds in the back room of our house, i'm thinking for only a couple weeks. [​IMG][​IMG]

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    I can respond about keeping in the house, my experience is about 2 weeks max, the dust gets horrific! We had to move our 26 chicks out into the garage at about 3 weeks. I thought we could handle the dust since we have horses, I honestly thought no problem. Have a plan to move them if your coop is not ready. Our coop ( chicks 7 wks now) is still a work in progress, due to weather and time.
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    I put my chicks in a cardboard box for a couple of weeks. That was all I could take. I changed the bedding twice a day but it still smelled funky and all that cute chick fuzz comes off as the feathers start to grow in. AAHH-AHH-CHOO!!!!! I put them in the big coop in a wire cage to keep them safe from the big girls until they were big enough to take up for themselves.
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    Yeah, we don't have a garage to put them in after moving them out of the house. Maybe I,ll go to the dump and try to find some wood to build a temporary shelter. I've had chickens before and yes I know two weeks or so is the max you can deal with them in your laundry room,LOL! We're still waiting for all the snow to be gone and we can start building their home. Its going to be 8 by 10 feet.[​IMG]
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    Apr 6, 2012
    Take a tote and turn it upside down and build a place for them to go in and out. Get a pair of Wire clamping pliers and wire clamps. Use whatever welded wire you need...rabbit or whatever. Just cut wire panels and clamp them together essentially building a wire crate Don't know where you are but Here in GA pliers clamps and wire could be about $40 altogether. You can nix pliers and just use zipties (#30 for $1 at dollar store) Brings you down to about $25 just for wire.

    (Kids could crush into wire so if that is a factor you may want to just jult like 1x1s to make simple frame. As long as it is just temporary.

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