height for a duck house?


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hey guys! Im building a new duck house to go into DUCKTOPIA and was just wondering if it needed to be a specific height? All answers welcome, many thanks
Its not there main run, its just the house within their pen, one they go in if they wanna get out the rain or sun. I was planning on making it around 43 inches but was going to see if I could make it any lower to save on the cost (as all in all I would have spent nearly £1000 on everything I have built for them!
43 is a good height. You could go a little lower. But I wouldn't go any lower than 36". What breeds do you have? Runners would need a little taller house.
As long as your ducks can stretch and don't have to "duck" down when they are inside
u should be fine so like Eroc1 said about 38-40 inches tall should work fine!
I am curious - ducktopia already looked to have plenty of indoor space. Don't your ducks prefer to be outside? How much house versus run area do you have?
Ducktopia is all outside at the moment, they have nowhere to go inside yet. I have to have them in a pen all the time as we have a fox problem here. ChickInDelight, have another quick look at ducktopia and you will see what I mean.

I made the mistake and had a few things built for my chickens that were only 5 feet tall and I am having to bend down to get in and out and my back is killing me for it
. NEVER AGAIN will I do that!!!! From here on out ALL buildings are being built at least 6 feet tall. I'm 5'7", so I need the height.

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