Hello all question about moulting and a bossy bird

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    Hi I live in Dorset ,uk. I have 4 hybrids all bought as pol and free range during the day. 1 of the girls went broody in the summer so I did as instructed and separated her and placed her in a cooling cage, which was very successful. All has been well except in the last week I have noticed that all the hens have lost their feathers on their tummys except the one who had been broody in the summer. I have also noticed that the three balding ones are all together and the previous broody one who isn't moulting is keeping well clear if she tries to join in when there is corn or worms she gets told off by one of the balding three always the same one who normally ends up with a mouth ful of feathers. I wanted to ask do you think this is def moulting and also should I take the bossy one out regards
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    I have read where others have taken the bossy hen out for a day or two and had some success. Changing pecking orders can be a matter of trial and error though.

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