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Jun 7, 2017
I am new to raising chickens. We literally just bought a house a week ago that came with chickens. I also just added a 3 month old rooster to our flock. I don't know how well it will go. We got him a month ago but kept him at a friend's house who had chickens and a cage to isolate him. We kept him separate on our porch for a couple days until we could get a cage, then kept him in the cage inside the coop for 3 days before I let him out. I saw hens chasing him away from the food etc, but none of them actually attacked him physically, and he seemed pretty quick to run away from them when they even got close to him (or even looked at him). He is a barred rock, and the flock is 10 hens with no roosters. I don't know what their breeds are. I am just hoping I didn't release him too soon, but the only cage I could get for him was tiny, not even tall enough to put a stick in to roost on, so I couldn't just let him suffer in the cage.
The hens will establish dominance to any new comers. As long as the hens aren't making him bleed I think it will be okay. As he gets older he will probably climb up the pecking order, like clawstar said.
Welcome to the BYC flock!
Hello and welcome to BYC. I agree with the comments above and hopefully he will learn some manners around his harem before he reaches maturity.

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