Hello and introductions.....Roo or Pullet....


7 Years
May 23, 2012
Hello, this is my first post to BYC....we live in western kentucky...and are new to chickens....Love the forum....
I have been reading this forum for a while and recently completed our first chicken coop.....and we want your opinions on what this bird is....Roo or Pullet....they are silkies as you can tell....thanks in advance...

Thanks for the welcome! The picture you are seeing is of a 14 week old. I will get a full body shot a post.
Sorry about the small pictures...I'll try to get better pictures to post. I don't think there are any streamers, but since I'm new to chickens...lol
That looks to be a pullet. I am pretty sure :) You said 13 weeks.. Yeah.. I'm going with pullet. No streamers, round crest. I have a hen that had a big comb very young. She is now a couple days away from hatching her own chicks.
Along with her BFF Pearl - they are going to co-parent lol

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