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    May 15, 2016
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    Hello I'm Josh

    Firstly I am new to the site today! [​IMG]

    I have 15 Geese and have lost count on chickens. As for the geese is quite a mixture, but I am in need of some help with one of them in particular. Charley is a 4 year old male Dewlap Toulouse and is normally the life and sole of the party until last week. I noticed that he had trouble walking on one of his legs. I immediately checked his legs and feet over for lumps bumps and cuts, Nothing!

    Watching him walk looked more muscular so we started him on some pain killers. Now a week has gone by and Charley is not well, he has lost so much weight and will walk for about 30 seconds before sitting down and sitting there all day. I can get him to drink but will not eat. Yesterday I started him on a course of Flubenvet (wormer) which is really hard to get into him due to the fact he's not eating. After speaking to a vet using a very small amount of vegetable oil and Flubenvet into a syringe I have managed to get some down him.

    Is there something I am missing? It is so upsetting to see him like this. If anyone has any other ideas that would be great.

    Thank you

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