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Apr 10, 2014
Wow! So here I am on a forum about raising chickens and other barnyard birds! No idea this would happen just a year ago.

Anyway, I'm here in CO. My fiancé, and daughter, moved out to the country mid last year. And this year we decided to attempt the under taking of chickens and ducks. We're both totally new to this entire farm/chicken/country thing, both born and raised in the city. We adopted our new little girls just two weeks ago. My Lord, how fast they grow! They're suppose to all be pullets (Silver Laced Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons), but we'll see if that's really true soon enough. I'm starting to wonder about one in particular. LOL!

We also will be getting our ducks in this next week! I'm really excited about them. I have a chicken egg allergy, and I've done lots of reading that some people can still eat duck eggs...or even chicken eggs raised at home because they're allergy is actually something used in commercial production. I'm excited to put these theories to the test and am really hoping one of them pans out. How I miss eggs! I didn't develop my allergy until I was an adult, so I know what I'm missing. Please let me be able to eat egg salad again!

I ended up finding this site while researching the differences in cooking with duck eggs vs chicken eggs. I've been lurking for some time now, and for whatever reason, decided today was the day to join. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all...and your feathered friends too!

Cluck, cluck! :)


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Welcome to BYC!

Congrats on all the new babies! Love those Silver Laced Wyandottes. My feed store is going to carry them in late May, and I am considering some of them myself!

I have heard that people with chicken egg allergies can eat quail eggs with no issues, so it is possible you can eat duck eggs as well. Let us know how it turns out however, so we can spread the word on the eggs.

Good luck with this new adventure! If you need any tips and hints on raising your new babies, stop by our learning center here on BYC for lots of great reads on all the aspects of keeping your new flock....


Enjoy your new babies...they do grow fast, don't they? Welcome to our flock!

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