Hello everyone .I am new to this site and new to raising chickens


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May 30, 2011
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I just wanted to say hello to everyone on this site . A very nice lady sent me the link to this cool site . I have read a lot so far about raising My new chicks but the one question I have at the moment is at what age do you seperate the lil males .
I got some really nice ideas from some of the post here so far ,we have built the roost just this past week and it looks great.That was one of the ideas that helped us out so far ,So Sorry I do not recall who we got the idea from :(but I thank him!!
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Hi and
to the site!
I'm not sure if you have to separate the males, unless you don't want fertile eggs/chicks. Anyway, I wouldn't know, I have all hens right now. When I had silkies and frizzles, I never separated the hens from the roosters.
Hi from NC

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