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    Feb 26, 2016
    Sealy Texas
    Can someone tell me how I can get rid of the annoying June bugs???
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    Jan 27, 2007

    I'm going to assume you're addressing the annoying brown May Beetles (often pile into drifts that need to be swept from decks/porches), rather than the green June Bugs. Our chooks and turks don't eat many of these May Beetles.

    Maybe a full spectrum LED bulb, mounted in a reflector - securely attached to a T-post, aimed down at, from about a foot above, a large diameter rubber hog bowl 3/4 full of water. Use 100 ft., at least, of outdoor rated extension cord to get this "bug dead pool" as far from house/coops as possible and use lower wattage, partial spectrum, bug lights around house/coop. Ex (full spectrum for trap): https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/118033/CREE-16050OMF2.html

    Like Yellow Jacket traps, one won't get all, but it will cut the "cloud/crowd" effect down to an infestation by "individuals".
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