Hello everyone


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Lampasas, TX
Hi all!

I'm just beginning to prepare for some spring chickens! Hoping to get lots of advice and simple wisdom on raising and housing chickens.

One question I'd like to start with is: It seems like everyone is building separate buildings to house their chickens. I'm wondering if it's possible/wise to build a separate area inside my already-existing barn to house chickens. I'm thinking I could put a separate, well-insulated and well-ventilated 'Chicken Room' inside the barn, build a little self-contained indoor run for bad weather, and an exit to go outdoors to a run next to the barn for better weather. I currently house 3 horses 5 cats, feed, hay, etc, in the barn, but do have quite a bit of space that's just going to waste.

Can anyone advise me on possible downsides to this? It would save me quite a bit of time, trouble and expense if I could do this. Plus, having chickens right in the barn next to the horses would do those horses a WORLD of good!

I'd welcome your thoughts and wisdom!


. As long as you have proper ventilation I don't see why you couldn't build a chicken room in your barn.
Three of my friends keep ALL animals in the barn, but most of us dont have a barn and WISH we would!! lol Good luck!!


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