Hello everyone


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
I'm Deb and I'm an animal-holic. LOL!! My husband and I just moved from California to Tennessee last year. I could not believe how many Ticks and Chiggers there were on our property and started asking around about how to get rid of them without Pesticides. Everyone told me to get Guinea Hens. So I purchased 15 Keets by mail order and to date I have 9 happy healthy Guineas. I believe I have 5 Males and 4 Females. They are now starting to lay eggs in a community nest outside in a homemade cage. They are free range though and sleep in the tree next to the cage. We have 12 Acres but 3 Acres is our fenced in yard. I just bought 28 chicks of various breeds and 6 Goslings 3 various breeds. I have 4 White Ducks that are about 5-6 months old and spoiled. :) on may 8th I'll be picking up my Twin Pygmy Goats Girls that are so cute and tiny they almost make me cry. LOL! I also have an African Grey Parrot named Sampson and 3 Dogs. A Chihuahua named Molly, a Daschound (spelling?) named Ernie and a 1/2 Pomeranian and 1/2 Yorkie named Daisy. So needless to say I'm a very busy mom! LOL! Anyway I have tons of questions and now I have writers cramp. LOL! So I'll get to my questions later. Just wanted to introduce the Family and myself. HI! LOL!
Welcome to BYC!!!
Glad to have you aboard!!

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