Hello Everyone :)


Sep 18, 2013
Central West NSW Australia
Hi guys :) I am new here, signed up last week, but haven't been on due to things being a tad hectic. Spring time always is for me :)
I live out in the middle of New South Wales about an hour from Dubbo with my 2 sons.
I have a gorgeous Rhode Island Red rooster named Alfie a RIR red hen "Lucy" and 2 Isa Browns "Henrietta and Lulu" yes people call me crazy for naming my chickens, but you get that :) lol As you can see by my avatar I even had a sign made up for Alfie's and the girls pen. Insane right? I like to consider myself an eccentric :)
I am very interested in hatching some more chicks as my hens don't get clucky and have bought myself an incubator. Tad nervous on how to go about it, don't like the thought of them dying in their shells etc :( So any hints would be greatly appreciated :)
Anyway, thank you for letting me join up :) this is a great site and one that I will visit very often (when I am not mowing, gardening or looking after the boys that is, not to mention working and studying at uni)
Glad you joined us!
Hi SandeeC,
I don't know about the incubation process, but my husband has been very successful. Basically he gathers about 6-8 eggs, we store in the basement until the last egg is gathered and turn each daily. We have an incubator that turns the eggs until a few days before. The last batch we hatched was successful with only one egg not hatching. He learned all of this by reading, and our odds have been very good. The humidity has to be at a certain level, but you shouldn't have that problem in South Wales. I'm sure more experienced people will post. Glad to "meet" you.
you may be interested in the Aussie thread "Six states and one funny little Island" they also tend to hang out at the emu threads.
Hi and :welcome

Best of luck with your hatching. There are some pretty good guides up in the 'learning centre' which other site members write. Have a look around.
And also, heaps of us name our chooks, ours are like pets. It's not crazy at all. :p

I'm from Adelaide, so hello from a fellow Australian. :frow
(Although there's a possibility I may be moving to Sydney next year!)

Enjoy the site :D
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