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May 11, 2015
Hi My name is Elena but I go by pcgirly. I am very new to chickens. I got my first 2 chickens from a church member who wanted to sell her coop along with the hen and rooster. 1 week later out of the blue another church member said she was done with her chickens to come choose 1 of 3 coops and half of her chickens. I was so excited, I ended up with 6 of those 18 because i just got exhausted chasing them....lol

I have a total of 7 hens and 1 rooster, it was 8/1 but just this past Saturday I left my son in charge of making sure all the chickens were in the coop but he left 1 out and "something" got her...we still have no clue what.

I honestly have no clue what breeds I have except 1 I know is a silky, we call her dodo bird because shes tiny and just adorable.

I found this site on Pinterest looking for information on chickens.

Aside from my chickens which I have instantly fallen in love with , I recently set up my garden for this year, will be working on making a brand new fire pit this coming weekend and love my backyard.

I am a work from home mom of 3 which 1 still lives at home I am grandma to the sweetest 2 year old little girl and I recently signed up for an online course ..Introduction to Computer Science through Harvard University on edX.

We're glad you joined!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
How great you can still stay at home and exercise your brain cells - wow Harvard- you go girl. Welcome to Backyard chickens. You could also check in the on the Silkie thread they aren't so much dodos as their crests and beards do a lot of obscure their vision. When they are cut back, silkies IQ's shoot way up. They generally make great broody mothers.

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