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My Coop
My name Is Lisa.

I have checked out this site quite a few times and finally joined today.Happy to be here. I live in Haskell Texas with is about an hour away from Abilene. We currently have 5 chickens ,Well I guess 4 if you include the rooster. We are looking to add 3 babies (exotic) YAYYY! very soon. We have a few breeds in mind,we are trying to narrow our choices down. We just got our first Silkie a few days ago(my avatar pic),She is sooo pretty and sweet. All of our chickens are different breeds,maybe dorky we just love the variations. Anyway just wanted to say hi. I will post the few we are looking at adding, I would love some feedback from you Pros to see the pros and cons of each breed.Thanks Lisa
Hello and welcome! If you havent yet, go to the breed pages on those you like, i research from threads i find. I have the start of a large mixed flock, I love variety! I started a year ago with easter eggers,barred rock, black giants and buff Orpingtons. the buffs were adopted in sept by family and I had 12. now I am brooding easter eggers, EE bantys,light Brahma, speckled Sussex,gold lace wyandotte and blue Cochin. I hope to add blue Jersey giants and a few Guinea this year as well. hope you the best of luck with your chickens!
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Exotic, as in polish or Showgirls (a variety of silkie) or frizzles - put them in the search box and stand back. If you've never seen them before you will be surprised.

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