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    Sep 13, 2016
    High Falls, Georgia
    fellow chicken enthusiast. My husband and i are new to the Dorking breed of chicken. After reading about Dorkings some time ago i decided i would like to give this breed a try. They sounded like the ideal chicken for us. We like to get fresh eggs and pass them on to family and friends as well as eat them ourselves. My husband loves eggs more than anyone i have ever met! So we ordered some SG Dorkings from McMurrays Hatchery and got them back in April. After a few loses, we ended up with two roos and eight hens. Im very pleased with the personality and docility of the hens. I couldnt have asked for better. I am interested in learning about showing and SOP for this wonderful breed. I do not have much experience with breeding/raising chickens, but my husband has done it for several years now. We also have a few White Leghorns and Buff Orphingtons? Hope i spelled that right, lol. I hope to learn tons here, Make lots of new friends and join the Dorking club on this site. I hope all here are well and truly Blessed!
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    Hello from Middle Georgia - sorry I missed your New Member intro, so here's a belated welcoming [​IMG].
    I am so glad you have decided to join us.

    I know nothing about Dorkings or showing , but wish you luck with all.

    I have BR and BO gals ....so easier to use initials, even correct spellings confuse the editor [​IMG]

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