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May 29, 2020
Hi all-

I never formally introduced myself the first time I on this thread, but wanted to express how much this community has helped me through my first experiences as an adult chicken owner. We have been through predator attacks, crop blockages, finicky layers, and sexing debacles in my six short months here, but I want to say thanks for all the help!

Here is a quick rundown:

1) I am new to owning chickens of my own. I had chickens as a young kid, but my responsibilities were limited to food, water, and egg collection. This is a new adventure for me in my adult life.

(2/3) I have 7 chickens- 3 6month RIR (one Roo) and 4 16 week EE (sex unknown- hopefully hens)

(4) Watching them grow and obviously collecting eggs

(5) Photography and anything outdoors

(6) My husband and I own my childhood home with acreage and some brand new chickens.

(7) I discovered this community on Google as I frantically tried to figure out if my “confirmed” RIR females were actually males (spoiler alert- 6/8 were Roos). I have used this community to learn how to care for my chickens, check their health, know what to expect with their development, and care for their wounds. This is the best. Thank you.

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