hello from a new egg

mama dixie

8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
I am kinda new to this whole country thing. my husbend moved us all out here and I feel a bit like the show green acres. I guess that should of been my screen name. I am likeing it so far but have so much to learn and wow there is alot of work to be done all the time. we have 30 hens 4 roosters 7 ducks and one pug dog that thinks he owns the place,

I really enjoy this comunity but I am not a great computer genuis so I appoligize up front for any mistakes and oh yea if you cant tell my spelling is not the best but hey so far the hens dont care

I hope as I learn more I will find some easy short cuts to all the work but I dought it. I am a stay at home mom and seem to be bussier now than when I worked full time and went to school.

my screen name comes from my 5 year old bantam cochen named dixie she has gone blind and we keep her in a separate cage so the others dont attack her and she has raised almost all of our babies she is a wonderfull mom and very protective.

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