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Jun 1, 2011
Hello, I am realtively new to keeping chickens, I had 5 barred rocks and 2 sex link girls several years ago but had to find a new home for them when I moved out to Alberta (they are still doing well I and I can visit them anytime). I never had any problems with those birds and assumed raising chicks was easy and generally trouble free. Now, I live in a town and had to wait until I knew the neighbours well enough to convince them chickens were a good idea so on the weekend I picked up 7 new chicks. 3 Rhode Island Red bantams, one golden Wynadotte, one blue Wynadotte, one Partridge Cochin, and an Old English Game hen. All are doing well but the game hen- it was particulaly small when I got her and the breeder said it was a little runty. It seemed healty enough but its health has been steadily declining. I need help and advice on how or if there is anything I can do for it. It is everyones favorite, especially my 7 year old son who is very upset (more specifics are posted under the incubation forum list).
Glad to be a part of the chicken comunity.
Can't help much with your chick. Maybe try giving it some scrambled eggs or other high protein snacks to help her grow?

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