Hello from Arizona


Nov 22, 2015
Hello my name is Trinity and my family and I live in Arizona . I have lurked on this site for quite some time now and decided I better join. I am new to raising chickens and so far really enjoy it. I have had to do a lot of research because I will fully admit I knew nothing about how to raise and care for them. I am always thirsty for new information .

We currently have laying a Silver laced Wyandotte and two Rhode Island Reds. I also have 3 black sex link chicks and plan on getting 2-3 Orpingtons when a local breeder has them available .

I am also totally in love with Frizzles. Is this a breed I could have with the breeds I mentioned above ?

I welcome any questions or comments you may have . Please do not take offense if it takes me a little bit to respond. As during the work week I'm pretty busy .

Glad to be here! :)
Welcome to BYC! So glad you could join!

Sounds like a great start to a flock. Wyandottes are steady layers and Rhode Island Reds are awesome layers. Both are great foragers and pretty too. I love the color of the Black stars, and our Buff Orpington is really curious and sweet. All of them should be excellent layers, foragers, and hardy during the winter and summer alike.
Frizzles certainly can be kept with other chickens if introduced properly, however, they may not be quite as hardy or good layers as the others, may be slightly more prone to bullying. However, as mentioned, with proper introduction almost any chicken breeds can be kept together without a problem. I've kept frizzles, silkies, rhode island reds, and tiny bantam Old English Games (OEGBs) together in the same barn.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Best of luck!

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