hello from arkansas

pollo loco RN

7 Years
May 8, 2012
Hi my name is Rob, recently built my first coop and began raising chickens for both meat and eggs. I strted with 6 day old chicks, 2 each rode island reds, white leghorns, and americanna's . Just added 11 more to the flock. I was able to talk my good friend Shawn out of some of his prize birds, 4 partridge cochin hens and 1 rooster. 2 welsummer hens. And 4 young black copper marans . I just wanted farm fresh eggs and meat for my family. I have a young grandson that has been totally mesmerized wathing the chicks grow up. So far no problems integrating the older chickens with the 3 month old marans or the 6 week old mixed chicks. I've built a waterer using the 360 nipples that I hope will work out as cleaning a waterer daily just doesn't sound like fun.
Hello and
Glad you joined us
Hello and :welcome

Glad to have you on board! That's pretty cool that you've had no problems with your integration, you're very lucky!
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

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